Finding safe skin care products (that actually work!)

Tell me if this sounds like you…

You get frustrated when looking for safe skin care / beauty / personal care products.

You get tired of reading endless lists of ingredients…

You find it hard to figure out what works (without a lot of expensive trial and error).

You wonder which natural ingredients are effective, and which ones are added simply because they sound pretty.

I know how tricky it can be finding a product that isn’t loaded with chemicals, or figuring out if that natural + organic product is really what is claims to be.

To make it easier I wanted to share this helpful app created by the Environmental Working Group:

You can download it to your phone and look up any ingredient you may not be familiar with.

(You may remember that I mentioned the EWG in this post on finding a chemical free + effective lip balm.)

The EWG database is great, but it isn’t perfect. There’s still a ton of research to be done on the effects of these chemicals on our health.

We are bombarded by so much everyday, and we shouldn’t have to worry about what we’re putting on our skin.

I’m on a mission to change this.

I’m putting together a free guide that will make it easier to navigate through the beauty aisle. 

It can be a full time job figuring out what’s good, what’s bad, what works & what doesn’t. I want to make it easier for you.

 Leave a comment + let me know: What’s your biggest challenge or frustration when it comes to finding skin care / beauty / personal care products?

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Thanks so much, hope all is well!






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