Honesty time: On Self-Love

I found out last week that the day before Valentines Day was “The International Day of Self-Love”. It makes me happy that this is a thing.

I love that so many people were focusing just as much on self-care as they were on romantic love over Valentine’s Day weekend. It breaks my heart when people feel unworthy of taking care of themselves. I love seeing people empower themselves, and seeing them thrive. This is one of the reasons why I do what I do.

In my early 20’s I struggled with anxiety. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wanted to overcome it naturally. I figured that I’d need to learn how to take the best possible care of my mind, body & soul to make that happen. After all, if I didn’t do it, who would? I was living in Hawaii at the time, thousands of miles away from my family. Counselors at school just wanted to put me on drugs (which just made me feel tired and out of it – no bueno). My parents did the best that they could while I was growing up, but there were things they never could have known that I needed because my body is uniquely my own. Things like eating healthy, yoga and meditation were not mainstream like they are today.  I had to figure out what worked best for me by checking out lots of books from the library, and doing a lot of experimentation. I was amazed by how much better I felt after taking proper care of myself.

On Self-love and Self-care

Thanks to those experiences, I’ve grown to understand the importance of self-love + self-care (especially of the all-natural, chemical-free variety when appropriate). It’s so important to me that I built a business around it – and try to inspire others to take part in it daily.

BUT – there’s still a part of me that resists it.

Many of us grew up getting the message that self-care / self-improvement is sometimes a good thing, sometimes scoffed at or ridiculed (especially if it’s considered “hippy-dippy” **),  often thought of as selfish, a waste of time or money (the latter being the biggest sin of all to many), and something that you sometimes have to hide if you don’t want to be torn down.

Things shifted for me the day I realized that people usually mock things that they’re afraid to do themselves (a.k.a haters gonna hate.) Things changed when I got a better understanding of what people will do to manipulate, control and inflict pain when they themselves are hurting. Now I know not to entertain any of that nonsense.

But sometimes, there’s still that small voice in the back of my mind saying things like:

 “Who do you think you are you selfish you-know-what?”

“You spent HOW MUCH on healthy food? (healing/ supplements,etc..)”

“That was a total waste of money.”

“There are more important things to do right now than making juice, doing yoga, etc…”

Or, “You’re gonna look like a total egomaniac / narcissist / weird hippy / fill-in-the-blank when people see what you’re spending your time on”..etc..

My goal is to inspire, but I’m still healing that part of me that feels like I need to protect myself by hiding or by resisting the things I know I need to do to care for my mind/body/soul.

Can you relate?

Ironically though, I realize that the best way to get rid of that shame, and to quiet that harsh inner critic is some good-old-fashioned self-love & self-care.

So, in my attempt to continue to heal so I can serve best, to help inspire others who may feel the same way (or who could just use some fun (mostly) natural tips + ideas), and to say F— YOU to my inner critic, I’m going to begin a 60-days of Self-Care challenge on instagram. Will you join me? (Feel free to start at any time – more details here)

+ Day one: TRIPHALA (Read more about it / how to use it here) +

With lots of love,


**You know I’m all about the hippy dippy

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