Join in on Sixty Days of Self-Care

Mudra Mirror Sixty Days of Self Care

Since the Herbal Medicine Everyday challenge was a hit, I’ve started a new challenge: Sixty Days of Self Care.

The rules are – there are no rules :) I’m keeping this really loose on purpose. Everyday I’ll be posting one thing I’m doing to care for myself on instagram (whatever I feel that I need that day) I’d love it if you’d join me.

How to participate: Share your self-care practices on Instagram, and use the hashtag #Sixtydaysofselfcare so that others can get inspired. If you don’t have the instagram app, you can follow along and get ideas via the website: You can also share what you’ve been doing (in photos or in writing) on The Lotus Root Facebook page, on this thread

Please feel free to participate even if you don’t want to share it publicly. Start a journal dedicated to 60 days of self-care (or just self care in general). It’s nice to record what you’re doing and look back at what worked and what didn’t / to help process what you’re going through / or to see how far you’ve come.

You can start any day you’d like. The days don’t have to be consecutive. Take part in it one day or everyday. Don’t worry If you miss a day – I like to keep things pressure-free. Sometimes the best self-care you can give yourself is simply taking a break from doing anything. Doing absolutely-freakin-nothing counts just as much as self-care as making green juice would. Taking some time to relax your brain and to watch a funny movie is self-love in my book. The key is to do whatever your mind/body/soul needs that day. The less stress and pressure, the better. The key is to just get into the practice of focusing more on caring for yourself, without guilt.

If you decide to take part in the challenge, feel free to share this post so that other people can be inspired to give themselves the love and care they deserve <3

And don’t forget to let me know how it goes! Feel free to get in touch with any insights / observations / questions etc. :)
(While I may not be able to reply right away, I’ll be here cheering you on!!)