March Against Monsanto, Chicago 5.24.14

March Against Monsanto Chicago May 24 2014 photo 3I wish I was able to see an aerial view of all of the people Marching Against Monsanto around the world on Saturday. We may not have gotten much (or any?) mainstream press, but I do believe our efforts made an impact.

I’m happy I was able to attend + photograph the march in Chicago. I have a passion for street photography, and nothing makes me feel more alive than photographing events where people are coming together to create positive change. I love all of the creativity & heart that goes into the signs, costumes, and chants. Check out the photos here: (remember to tag yourself + your friends, Like, and Share them to help further spread the word). See photos from the last two marches here (NYC) & here (Chicago).

It was interesting marching past people on the street and watching light bulbs go off in their heads (or seeing the dubious looks on their faces.) Hopefully we planted a seed in their minds so that they’ll take the time to find out what GMOs are all about. It was awesome getting thumbs up’s & high fives from people passing by who already understand what a huge issue this is.

To me, the most powerful thing about the last 3 marches has been being in the presence of such a huge group of like-minded people. There have been workshops & discussions held after the marches for people to meet and share their knowledge & ideas. It’s so refreshing to realize that there are people out there that care as much about something as you do, who are also willing to take the time to do something instead of just sitting around talking about it.

Let’s keep spreading the word so that anyone who still doesn’t know what an important issue this is can finally get it. Sometimes it just takes somebody to present info in a slightly different way for it to click in someones mind.

Looking forward to the day when all food is organic food again!


March Against Monsanto Chicago May 24 2014 photo © Liz Davison, 2014

Photos © Liz Davison, 2014 – All Rights Reserved

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