Self-love when Valentines day sucks (and even if it doesn’t)

What do you do when it hurts to hear about love this time of year?

One of my go-to techniques for feeling better is E.F.T.

Emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping, is a method of tapping on certain acupressure points while reciting affirmations. I’ve found both affirmations/positive self-talk/mantras and working with pressure points to be VERY powerful on their own.

Even more magic happens when you use them at the same time.

So even though you may feel ridiculous doing this, I highly recommend giving it a try. No one has to know! ;)
In this post I talked more about tapping + how to do it, and recommend some other techniques for clearing emotional pain + dealing with stress.

If it’s calling your name, check out this e.f.t video for clearing emotional pain.

or this one when you’re feeling lonely ♡

Self-love when Valentines day sucks

Tomorrow, by the way, is the International Day of Self-Love. Around this time last year I wrote this vulnerable post and started the first round of

60 Days of Self-Care.

I realized I had some resistance, guilt, and shame around the idea of fully taking care of myself (and still do). Can you relate?

If you ever feel that way, this tapping video is great: Self-Care (It’s a good thing… really)

And this one is good if you need a little boost: Self-love in five minutes

So give the videos a try, have yourself a good cry or take an epsom salt bath to clear things out, and then continue your other self-care practices. Keep working on becoming the most kickass version of yourself so that (when the time is right) The One will be drawn to you like a bee to honey ;)

Feel like joining me on Sixty Days of Self-Care? In the name of self-love I’ve been taking the pressure off of myself by not doing it every single day, but I’m still committed to completing 60 days. My goal is also to share some of my best self-care + holistic health + natural body care tips with you. Check it out/ join me on instagram or Facebook :)


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