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  • The making of a Sri Yantra print

    After a long wait I’m so happy that I have a new print to share with you! The Sri Yantra is an ancient Indian symbol and a meditative tool (more on yantras in a later post). Use it to deepen your meditation practice, or spruce up your space with some uplifting artwork. I put my […]

  • Free Shipping

    Get free shipping on all organic cotton t-shirts in my etsy shop (within the US), and half off of international shipping: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheLotusRoot (Offer ends Sunday 7/6 at 11:59 pm, EST) artwork by Vincent Ramirez (www.artisvast.com) & Liz Davison

  • Work in progress – Sri Yantra linoleum Print

    I’m in the process of creating this Sri Yantra linoleum print and just thought I’d share it. I’m thinking of doing a bigger and more detailed one in the future, is that something you’d like to see on an organic cotton shirt? Or would you like to see it on my natural skin care packaging? I’d […]

  • Sharing the birthday love

    I’m here celebrating the last few minutes of my birthday. It’s been a great one full of lots of love + some of my guiltiest pleasures. I spent part of the day drinking tea & printing on some beautiful tan rives bfk paper I bought a while ago but never used. You can find the prints in […]

  • natural skin care label design – which do you prefer?

    I’m finishing up labels for my skin care products, and would love your input! Would you comment + let me know which row of labels you prefer; 1,2, or 3? One person who replies will win one of the items I’m currently working on! Your name will be entered into the giveaway twice if you […]

  • New work in progress: amethyst crystal watercolor

    New work in progress: amethyst crystal painting – watercolor and pencil on paper. Playing around with some natural skin care label design ideas. Feels great to have creativity flowing again. Sign up for info + updates Email Address

  • Sketchbook Sunday – last sketch.. (for now)

    This will be the last Sketchbook Sunday for now – while I’d love to continue, I need to put my energy into getting ready for the holidays and my upcoming skincare launch. It was an interesting experiment, and I realized I have to focus on one thing at a time or else I make myself […]

  • Sketchbook Sunday: tea

    Just a simple sketch of camellia sinensis, otherwise known as tea :) What have you been sipping on (or working on) lately?   photos & artwork © Elizabeth Paige Davison 2013   Like what you see, and want to see more? Subscribe! Email Address 

  • Sketchbook Sundays: Cotton

    It’s a beautiful plant, but according to the Organic Trade Association: “Cotton is considered the world’s ‘dirtiest’ crop due to its heavy use of insecticides, the most hazardous pesticide to human and animal health.” “It can take almost a 1/3 pound of synthetic fertilizers to grow one pound of raw cotton in the US, and […]

  • Sketchbook Sundays – Art Depth

    Tonight I changed Sketchbook Sundays up a bit. I got a chance to check out Art Depth – a free, interactive art event held at the Crimson Lounge in downtown Chicago. This years party was called GODDESS, and was complete with live painting, a showing of Summer Romero’s gorgeous handmade + eco-friendly fashion line Gaianauta , ayurvedic and reiki healers, an impromptu […]

  • National Kale Day

    It may not be Sketchbook Sunday, but I just found out it’s National Kale Day. I thought I’d share this drawing I did a while back for my dirty dozen / clean fifteen series. Kale is on of the dirty dozen list, so make sure it’s organic!     Sign up for info + updates […]

  • Sketchbook Sundays

      Today I’m kicking off my Sketchbook Sundays Series –  every sunday I’ll be posting a sketchbook page that I’ve worked on during the week. As I put more time and energy into the natural skincare side of The Lotus Root, I feel like I need something to motivate me to draw or paint each week – […]