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  • Skinfood: Ayurvedic Golden Milk / Turmeric Latte Recipe

      Day 18 of ‪#‎SixtyDaysofSelfCare‬ – I was inspired by this post by @urbanorganica and this one by @inspiringquietly to make some chocolate golden milk (find the recipe here), but I was all out of cocao. I decided to try Jean Godfrey June’s turmeric latte recipe from goop – another modern twist on Ayurvedic golden milk.  […]

  • Schizandra Berry for vibrant health and beauty

    Hello! Today I wanted to share one of my favorite herbs, and one of the most powerful and beneficial around: Schizandra berry. I’ve been taking this herb for several years, and I’m excited that I finally got my hands on some of the highest quality Schizandra out there (and I want to share the wealth!) […]

  • Cocao Turmeric Peanut Butter Smoothie

    I had something else planned for this weeks post, but this smoothie recipe is too good not to share. If you’ve heard about the amazing benefits of turmeric, and have been wanting to add more into your diet, this is an easy way to sneak some in. Recipe 1 1/2 cups Almond, Coconut or Cashew […]

  • Grow your own food this fall

    Happy Fall! A few years ago Vincent and I installed a Windowfarm and grew some leafy greens & herbs. I was interviewed about the Windowfarm by Jennifer Grayson for USA Today. The article wasn’t published, but with Jennifer’s permission I wanted to share it with you, to hopefully inspire you to give indoor gardening a try. USA […]

  • health & beauty tip: Eat your blueberries!

    Want great skin, a sharper mind + vibrant health (and to get through cold & flu season unscathed)? If you only commit to adding one healthy food to your diet, it’s a good idea that it’s the small but mighty blueberry. Why? These little berries are SO packed with beautifying, immune boosting + brain enhancing benefits […]