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Bamboo shirts – back by popular demand

Back by popular demand! Ultra soft organic cotton and bamboo t-shirts - hand screenprinted with original artwork:

After much thought I’ve decided to bring back the ever popular bamboo + organic cotton t-shirt! People are still contacting me 5 years later letting me know how much they love their shirt, how soft and comfortable it is, and how beautifully it’s held up! You asked for it – you got it!

As a bonus – you’ll get $5.00 off of tee’s that are pre-ordered now ($35 for mens/unisex, $32 for ladies tees)
Shirts will go up their regular price after Sunday, 1/17
* Since this is a pre-order, please allow 3 – 4 weeks for me to receive and print your t-shirt.
Back by popular demand! Ultra soft organic cotton and bamboo t-shirts - hand screenprinted with original artwork:
Since my supplier is phasing out the organic cotton Alternative Apparel tee’s I’ve been printing on, I’ve decided to give these shirts a trial run. As I mentioned before, my main focus these days is on the natural body care/aromatherapy/holistic health side of The Lotus Root, so if you’d like a shirt, get it while you can!

What I love about these shirts (besides how soft and silky they feel) is that they range from XXS – 2XL in Women’s  & XS – 3XL in Mens/unisex, and are flattering on all body types.
I’ve also listed some hemp + organic cotton shirts – which fit great and get softer and softer with each wash.
Back by popular demand! Ultra soft organic cotton and bamboo t-shirts - hand screenprinted with original artwork:

You can check out the shirts available for pre-order here (order now to get your sweethearts tee in time for valentines day!) :
(Want a custom color or print combo? Feel free to message me:


p.s: Have you started 60 days of self-care? It’s never too late!

How to care for organic cotton clothes

how to care for organic cotton clothes’ve never been a fan of fast-fashion – clothing you wear a few times and then toss because it starts to fall apart. I often buy my clothes at thrift stores or vintage shops, because I love the hunt, and I keep my eyes peeled for well made items that look brand new. I also love the idea of preventing a perfectly good piece of clothing from ending up in a landfill.  When I do invest in something new, I like it to be of great quality, and I take care of it so that it lasts. I’m a big fan of natural fibers, and organic cotton whenever possible, because I believe in voting with my dollar. Of course, the tips below don’t apply only to organic cotton clothing, but when I spend a little bit more on something, I go the extra mile to keep it in great shape.

 tip #1:  I try to spot clean any stain right away. Cold water and maybe a little soap ( or even shampoo) usually do the trick. If the stain remains – apply a little soap to it and let it sit – or soak in some soapy water until ready to wash. White vinegar is also great at getting rid of some stains.

 #2: I normally wash my organic cotton clothes in cold water on gentle, on a short – medium cycle (or hand wash more delicate items).

#3: I love this eco-friendly soap recipe (borax + washing soda + castille soap). In a pinch, you can just use diluted castille soap. If I was going to buy laundry detergent (which I haven’t in a while) I’d avoid the ingredients on this list 

#4:  turn clothes inside out to protect any screen prints, to keep the colors bright, and to prevent the fabric from piling.

 #5: tumble dry on low, or hang dry ( I hang anything delicate or with stretch to it, quality t-shirts, jeans & sweaters. )

If you have any more tips, I’d love to hear them in the comments section!

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How to easily avoid GMOs

How to Avoid GMOS #gmo #organic #health

I think it’s fantastic news that the Connecticut state Senate passed a bill that will require the labeling of GMOs.

Unfortunately, other U.S states aren’t on board (yet).

While labeling GMO food would be great to raise awareness and help people make better choices,

I feel that we can take our power back right now by simply knowing what to avoid.

I believe that one of the most powerful ways to vote is with your dollar.

Here’s a list of what to look out for, if you’re in the U.S or Canada.

If these crops are not grown organically, they may be GMO:

  • Soybeans
  • Sweet Corn
  • Canola / Rapeseed
  • Sugar Beets  (food or drinks with sugar that isn’t listed as “100% cane sugar” may be sweetened with gmo sugar beets.)
  • Cotton  (watch out for cottonseed oil in many processed foods)
  • Hawaiian Papaya  (Avoid Rainbow and SunUp varieties)
  • Small amounts of zucchini and yellow crookneck squash

Some tips for avoiding GMOS:

1. Buy organic. Items that are certified organic cannot be genetically modified by law. If your produce has a PLU number that starts with 9, it’s organic.

According to the “Non-gmo Shopping Guide”:

“When the product is labeled “100% organic,” “organic,” or just “made with organic ingredients,” then even the non-organic ingredients cannot be produced from GMOs. For example, products labeled as “made with organic ingredients” only require 70% of the ingredients to be organic, but 100% must be non-GMO.”

2. Watch out for produce with PLUs that start with 8: This means it’s gmo.

3. Avoid processed food: The majority of processed food in the US  & Canada has at least one GMO ingredient, unless it’s certified organic. Often times, processed food is almost entirely GMO. It’s best to check the list of ingredients. Some labels these days will claim “Made with non-GMO ingredients” – which doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any gmo ingredients in there.

4. Look for the NonGMO project Seal 






5. There’s an app for that: Actually, 2 that I know of. Check out ShopNoGmo & Buycott on your i-phones/ipods/other devices

6. Watch out for sneaky GMO ingredients: Corn Syrup, High fructose Corn syrup, some modified food starch, soy flour, soy lecithin, vegetable oil, dextrose,etc. Unless labeled organic or non-gmo, most meat, dairy and eggs have come from animals raised on GM feed. Avoid Dairy products from cows injected with GM hormone RbGH.

Non-organic supplements, beauty care products, pet food etc. may have gmo ingredients – Check out my post : 10 ingredients that may be in your body care products

7. Shop at the farmers market! Talk to your farmer and ask them if their produce is non-gmo. Even if they’re crops aren’t certified organic, they may have been grown without pesticides and are may be non-gmo.

8. Grow your own food!  Take control of your food supply. Plant organic & heirloom seeds.

Do you have any tips for avoiding GMOs?

Will you be going to the March Against Monsanto (Everywhere) tomorrow?
Leave a comment and let me know!
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New Organic Cotton tank tops to keep you cool

Organic Cotton tank top

Brand New!     100% Organic Cotton ribbed tank top – Great for yoga or for keeping you cool in the summertime.

I hand screen printed my feather drawing onto this organic cotton tank using metallic gold water-based ink. I heat set each one so that they’re machine washable.

Tanks are made in the USA by American Apparel. These shirts are of great quality, the cotton is nice & breathable –  they look and feel great on. A great alternative to spandex workout clothes.

Find them in my Shop.

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The Meaning of Mudras

As promised, the new 100% organic cotton shirts with my mudra design are ready.

Limited edition Mudra tee by The Lotus Root


I’m so excited to finally have these new, limited edition shirts in stock in my etsy shop. They’re dyed with low impact dyes (no heavy metals or toxic substances – and not derived from petro-chemicals), and enzyme finished, a process that makes the cotton extremely soft, similar to a vintage tee. [Edit: These tees are sold out – to get on the list to be the first to hear about limited edition items, sign up here: ]

I started off by drawing the hand in pencil, and it was then burned onto a silk screen. As always, I hand screen printed the shirts with water-based ink.
Vitarka Mudra drawing by Liz Davison
In Sanskrit, the word Mudra means sign or seal. Mudras are ritual gestures that can be made with different parts of the body. The Mudra on my t-shirt is the Vitarka Mudra (the teaching or discussion position.)

Each mudra represents a different state of consciousness, and they can also be done to create different states in the mind and body. They’re also used to prepare for, and to focus during, yoga or meditation. In classical Indian dance, they’re used to communicate entire stories without words. Each finger and hand position has a different symbolic meaning.

I’ve been interested in the grace and beauty of hand mudras in artwork and dance for a long time.

I became even more intrigued by them when I first started learning about their effect on the mind and body.

Around 2001 I stumbled upon a great book, Meditation as Medicine by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa. It’s been a favorite of mine since then. I had tried many different forms of meditation over the years, and doing the exercises in the book (which include poses, mudras, mantra & breath work) quickly became my favorite way to meditate. I love the book because it goes into detail about different physical & psychological effects that each movement, sound or breathing pattern can have. Even if you’re not one that believes in or has any interest in the spiritual aspects of meditation, you can’t deny the positive effects that it can have on the body & mind.

 The Meaning of Mudras

In my favorite meditation in the book, you do a series of hand movements, touching the thumb to each finger repeatedly.  The author explains that the repetition of hand movements can actually enlarge the capacity of the brain, increase the connection between neurons and create new neural pathways. The meditation practice also includes  a mantra, which is a word or series of words that you repeat. Chanting a Mantra is a great way to quiet the inner dialogue, and is proven to have physical benefits (improving the function of the immune and endocrine systems, balancing the hemispheres of the brain, etc)

If you want to learn more, you should definitely check out the book!

The Mudra on my new shirts is known as the Vitarka Mudra when its held in front of your chest. The same position (often used during yoga) when held on the knee with the palm facing up, is called Gyan or Chin Mudra. Gyan Mudra is said to calm the mind, open the chest, and improve diaphragmatic breathing.

Limited edition Mudra tee by The Lotus Root

I had a lot of fun working on this t-shirt design, and creating it has helped inspire me to get back into a regular meditation practice.  Something else that helped me get back in the swing of things was this great post on Meditation by Jena of Miss Modish & The Maven Circle.

I’d love to know, do you have a daily meditation practice? Do you use mudras when you meditate?

Let me know in the comments section below!


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Moving forward

It’s been a long time coming (and there have been some snags along the way – thanks mercury retrograde) but I’m happy that I finally have a new silkscreen ready with a design that I started over the summer.

I’m also extremely excited to have some brand new, 100% organic cotton ladies and mens tees in stock, that I’m printing tonight and will be posting in my etsy shop very soon. I’ll be sending out an email tomorrow all about the new shirts (including a 20% off coupon code that I won’t be posting anywhere else). To receive it, be sure to enter your email address in the field on the right, or click here:

Here’s a hint of what’s to come: