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Wanderlust 108

There’s something very therapeutic about doing yoga & dancing in the rain. Thank you Wanderlust 108!





Photos + video © Liz Davison – Find more on Instagram

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March Against Monsanto: Chicago 10.12.13

Did you March against Monsanto Yesterday (or back in May?) Let’s see those videos & pics in the comments section!

Know anyone who’s not clear on what foods + products are GMO (and how to avoid them)? Feel free to share or send them these posts:

On food:

On skincare / bodycare / personal care products:

[ You can also see photos from the March Against Monsanto in Chicago on 5.24.14 here]


March Against Monsanto Chicago. 10.12.13

March Against Monsanto Chicago. 10.12.13

March Against Monsanto Chicago. 10.12.13

March Against Monsanto Chicago. 10.12.13

March Against Monsanto Chicago. 10.12.13

March Against Monsanto Chicago. 10.12.13

March Against Monsanto Chicago. 10.12.13

March Against Monsanto Chicago. 10.12.13

March Against Monsanto Chicago. 10.12.13

photos: © Elizabeth Paige Davison 2013

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Sketchbook Sundays – Art Depth

Tonight I changed Sketchbook Sundays up a bit. I got a chance to check out Art Depth – a free, interactive art event held at the Crimson Lounge in downtown Chicago. This years party was called GODDESS, and was complete with live painting, a showing of Summer Romero’s gorgeous handmade + eco-friendly fashion line Gaianauta , ayurvedic and reiki healers, an impromptu photo studio, music & burlesque.
Art depth: GODDESS

figure drawing at art depth

art depth figure drawing

There were figure models posing and supplies to draw with. I had fun drawing the incredible bird masks + costumes the models were wearing. Since it’s been a while since I’ve done any figure drawing, I’m a little rusty – so I thought that this week I’d share some of the amazing art by featured artists Jessica Juarez and David Abed.

art depth

Painting by Jessica Juarez

live painting at art deptch

October is Chicago Artists Month, so there are lots of great events going on. If you live in or are visiting the city, be sure to get out there, support some artists & get inspired to create!

photos: ©  Elizabeth Paige Davison 2013

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get outdoors!

Just a friendly reminder to get outside, to breathe in some fresh air, to get some vitamin D from the sunshine, and to enjoy whatever type of movement that makes you happy (or try something new)!

yoga in the park

My favorite thing about New York is yoga in the park in the summertime.  If you’re in NYC, check out Well + Good’s Healthy Summer Guide, which lists fitness classes all over the city (many of which are FREE).

If you’re not in NY, a quick google search for free or donation based fitness classes in your area,

or a search on can lead you to great opportunities to get out there.

Another tip is to follow your fitness studio of choice on social media, and get on their mailing list. Just this morning I saw an announcement from a yoga studio in my neighborhood that will be having a free class tonight in the park.

You can also take a look at the website for your local park district, you may be surprised by what you find.

yoga in prospect park

I’ve even found classes + events by looking up #free #yoga #nyc on twitter.



And now, for something not many people know about me: for many years, I’ve had a secret fantasy of becoming a roller dancer in central park. (and for some reason, I can’t get enough of that video).

Who knows, maybe I’ll work up the courage to try it this year.

I know for sure I’ll be practicing yoga and tai chi & dancing salsa this summer.

What type of exercise do you enjoy (or secretly want to try)? Do you have any suggestions for how/where to find free outdoor fitness classes in your area?

Let me know in the comments below!






photos: © Elizabeth Paige Davison 2012 / 2013
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Instagram it

Artist Justin Sexton wearing his bamboo & organic cotton meditation tee by The Lotus Root. Do you have a pic of yourself/a friend/or family member wearing one of our shirts? Or using one of my eye pillows? I’d love to see it! Post it on Instagram with the hash tag #thelotusroot
organic cotton and bamboo Meditation tshirt

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What I’ve been dreaming up..

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted their great guesses to the giveaway!

Kristen Fagan of had the right answer – I’m working on herbal eye pillows.

I’ve recycled some t-shirts I had left from last season to create these limited edition herbal / aromatherapy eyepillows. These pillows have the sweet & relaxing scent of lavender and red rose, and are also filled with hops, mugwort, and golden flax seeds.  You can find them in my etsy shop:


lavender buds inside herbal eye pillows








How to use:

Place a pillow over your eyes to help block out light so you’ll get a more restorative sleep.
They’re the perfect tool for meditation – use during savasana (corpse pose in yoga) or to help you catch some Z’s. The aroma of the herbal blend will help you relax and tune out the world around you.
Put your pillow in a zip lock bag and place in the freezer to make it into soothing a cold pack. Sweet Dreams!

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