Tag: sacred symbols

  • The making of a Sri Yantra print

    After a long wait I’m so happy that I have a new print to share with you! The Sri Yantra is an ancient Indian symbol and a meditative tool (more on yantras in a later post). Use it to deepen your meditation practice, or spruce up your space with some uplifting artwork. I put my […]

  • Work in progress – Sri Yantra linoleum Print

    I’m in the process of creating this Sri Yantra linoleum print and just thought I’d share it. I’m thinking of doing a bigger and more detailed one in the future, is that something you’d like to see on an organic cotton shirt? Or would you like to see it on my natural skin care packaging? I’d […]

  • flowing into fall

    As I mentioned last week, the designs I’ve been working on are finally finished. The first is my flowing chakras design, which I originally drew a while back for an album of Meditation music: Root to Crown. The second is a pattern I created for my eye pillows with the third eye / 6th chakra / anja […]