How to relax and get a good nights sleep

Here are my top 3 favorite ways to relax & catch some Z’s…
 My favorite ways to relax and fall asleep, naturally
1.  Use Magnesium 
Dr. Mark Hyman calls it the stress antidote, and the most powerful relaxation mineral available. In addition to making sure I have a magnesium rich diet, (raw cacao, anyone?) I enjoy using magnesium in these 3 ways:
  • As a supplement

I like “Natural CALM” and “Super Mag”- both are magnesium powders that you mix into water to make a fizzy drink. Both are incredibly calming. Just be warned – taking too much internally can cause a laxative effect, if you catch my drift. I find it’s best not to get too creative and to follow the instructions on the package when it comes to taking it internally.

  •  Magnesium oil:

This stuff is awesome. It’s not really an oil, but a magnesium salt water solution. You can spray it on and massage it into your skin,  or use it as a foot soak. Applying magnesium to the skin can prevent the laxative effect since it doesn’t have to pass through the digestive system. (Of course, everyone is different, so don’t take my word for it – be sure to do your research*). I order mine on (although I’m seeing it more and more in health food stores these days). Note: it may itch at first (for me it only itches if I haven’t used it in a while), but I’ve read that the itching should stop if you water it down a bit.

  • Epsom  Salt a.k.a Magnesium sulfate: Aaaahhhhhh…Soaking in an epsom salt bath is another tried and true way to relax your muscles and get a dose of magnesium. I like to stir 2 cups (or more) into a nice warm bath. Add 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil to the water for an even more calming experience. You can easily find epsom salt at any drug store, and lavender oil at most health food stores. The epsom salt will make you sweat (great for detoxing) so it’s a great idea to drink some water during your bath or better yet, a nice relaxing cup of herbal tea.

You can learn more by watching this video by Dr. Mark Hyman; “Magnesium: The most powerful relaxation mineral available”, or this one by Mark Sircus on Magnesium Oil therapy and finding the right dose for you. ( Mark Sircus recommends adding 5 POUNDS of epsom salt to your bath – pretty hardcore.)

How to relax and get a good nights sleep, naturally.

2. Restorative Yoga:

During restorative yoga, you get into different poses supported by pillows, bolsters or yoga blocks, and you lie in each pose for a while (much longer than you would in more active types of yoga).  The different poses help you release tension and help bring your emotional patterns and nervous system back into balance. Here’s a great restorative yoga video I found on youtube. The instructor has a really soothing voice, and her yoga sequence is relaxing and perfect just before bed. A lavender eye pilllow is a great addition to the practice since you’re lying on your back or your side for the poses. Find my handmade bamboo + organic cotton aromatherapy eye pillows in my etsy shop.

 If you want to learn more about restorative yoga, I really enjoyed the book “Yoga For Emotional Balance” by Bo Forbes.
how to relax and fall asleep naturally
3. If all else fails
Sometimes, you just can’t sleep because you have way too much on your mind. I find that keeping a notebook by my bed to jot everything down (and I mean everything) really helps bring me peace.
I have a few more relaxation tips up my sleeve, so there will definitely be more parts to this post in the future.
In the meantime, I’d love to know – do you have a favorite way relax / fall asleep?

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*Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or registered dietitian / nutritionist. The purpose of my blog is to share my own experiences with healthy living. When it comes to your health, please do your research & be sure to consult a health practioner before trying anything new (especially when pregnant or nursing).


9 responses to “How to relax and get a good nights sleep”

  1. Kristen Avatar

    I love using a heating pad of my head/neck and look forward to trying your eye pillows! Baths are my fav but I don’t have a tub in our house at the moment (boo!), yoga stretching and meditation work wonders when I have a hard time falling asleep. Thanks for Magnesium tips! I’ll have to check that out more …

    1. elizabeth paige Avatar

      Can’t wait to hear what you think of it! oh yeah, I meant to mention in the post that Whole Foods sells sample packets of “Natural Calm” for a dollar..let me know when you get a chance to try some magnesium out! I saw the most amazing photo of a wooden tub the other day
      (actually, there are a bunch of really cool ones if you google image search “wooden bathtub”). who knows, maybe buying one of those could be in the cards for you guys :)

  2. Maryann Miceli Avatar
    Maryann Miceli

    Cotton Sheets! I buy the highest thread count I can afford, the more you wash them the softer they become. I also keep my eye pillow near by. I usually wake up during the night and the eye pillow helps me fall back to sleep quickly.

    1. elizabeth paige Avatar

      Oh yes great tip – I’m looking forward to investing in some bamboo sheets one of these days.

  3. Christina Obregón Avatar
    Christina Obregón

    I am looking forward to trying out your suggestions. I will let you know how it goes.

  4. Avatar

    Restorative yoga is the way to go! Great suggestions (some that I will pass along to my own audience) + will check out Yoga for Emotional Balance! :)

    1. elizabeth paige Avatar

      Thanks! I’d love to hear what you think of the book!

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