About Liz

I’m an artist, flower essence practitioner and budding herbalist currently living in a cabin in the woods in North Carolina.

The Lotus Root was born out of my love of holistic health, energy medicine, herbalism, aromatherapy, and all things natural, eco-friendly and handcrafted with heart & Soul.

I’m a passionate advocate of self-care. I believe that it’s the best preventative medicine around, and an important part of healing what ails you. I love to be able to provide tools to help you care for yourself a little bit more; whether they’re tools for your yoga and meditation practice, skin and body care, or info + inspiration. My mission is to help you take the best possible care of yourself, so that you can thrive in body, mind & soul.

I feel that an important part of caring for ourselves is keeping as many chemicals off of our skin (and out of our environment) as possible. All of my products are 100% truly natural, and are crafted with the highest quality ingredients I can get my hands on. I’m fascinated by the botanicals & minerals (herbs, flowers, essential oils, clays, nut/seed/vegetable oils & butters) that can nourish and heal us.

I believe in voting with my dollar. I love supporting independent, sustainable businesses, and I’m so happy that I get to do so when sourcing ingredients for my products.

I love to read, research & experiment with what I’ve learned. Nothing makes me happier than sharing the natural solutions that I’ve come across.

I have 20+ years worth of holistic-health and self-care tips up my sleeve.

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  1. Christina Obregon January 30, 2013

    great and beautiful work…

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