Two ways to use your eye pillow

I wanted to share two ways you can use an eye pillow – as a warm compress & a cold pack.

Put your eye pillow in the freezer to use as a cold pack

Cold Pack: Put your lavender, unscented or lavender-mint eye pillow in the freezer for 30 minutes to turn it into a refreshing cold compress! Use it to reduce under eye swelling and to relieve tired, computer strained eyes.

“I was feeling tired and tried this today. I was re-energized after about 15 – 20 minutes. I love my eye pillow!” Maryann M – Chicago, IL

Warm Compress: Place your eye pillow in a clean, dry crock pot, and heat on low for about 5-10 minutes. Make sure to test before placing on your face. A warm compress can be used to relieve dry eyes, and is very relaxing and comforting. I also like to use it on my neck or shoulders, or wherever else I’m experiencing muscle soreness or pain. I prefer the crock pot because it doesn’t fry the flax and lavender like a microwave can over time. 

Put your eye pillow in a crock pot to use as a warm compress

Let me know if you try this, I’d love to hear how it goes!

Get your lavender filled eye pillow with removable/washable bamboo and organic cotton cover here: 

Cleaning house

Good Karma Sale to Support Standing Rock

I’m excited to join The Wild Unknown’s Good Karma movement again – this year I’ll be donating 10% of my sales to the Standing Rock Medic + Healer Council ♡

Use the coupon code GOODKARMA to save 20% on your entire purchase in my etsy shop:

Good Karma Sale to Support Standing Rock!

Use the coupon code GOODKARMA to save 20% on your entire purchase in my etsy shop:

Sale ends Monday, November 28th at Midnight, Central Standard Time.

Want to donate directly to the Medic + Healer council?
Find info on where to send money and supplies, here:



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Add your own essential oils

 Add your own essential oils to the washable cover of your unscented eye pillow for a relaxing or invigorating experience. Here’s what one customer had to say: “Hi Liz, about once a month (or more frequent if I feel it's lacking "relaxing" scents), I put a few drops on the cover and let them soak in while I wear the eye pillow on the other side (the side without drops) for a day or two until the drops are fully saturated. They really help me relax and I enjoy the delightful smells!”  Find them here, and choose “no scent / just flax” when checking out:

Add your own essential oils to the washable cover of your unscented eye pillow for a relaxing or invigorating experience. Here’s what one customer had to say: “Hi Liz, about once a month (or more frequent if I feel it’s lacking “relaxing” scents), I put a few drops on the cover and let them soak in while I wear the eye pillow on the other side (the side without drops) for a day or two until the drops are fully saturated. They really help me relax and I enjoy the delightful smells!”
Find them here, and choose “no scent / just flax” when checking out:

If you try this, make sure you put your essential oil drops on the top of the cover, keeping them away from your eyes.

You can learn more about essential oils, and which ones to choose for different effects on the mind and body in The Complete Guide to Essential oils by Positive Health Wellness

Feel free to get in touch if you have any essential oil questions – I’m happy to help.


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The Complete Guide to Essential oils

Quick tip: Use your eye pillow as a cold pack


Turn your eye pillow into a cold pack. Get your bamboo + organic cotton eye pillow here: (Lavender, Lavender Peppermint and Unscented eye pillows now available.)  #coldpack

Need to cool down? Pop your eye pillow into a zip lock bag, and put it in the freezer for an hour to make it into a cold pack. It feels amazing on tired, computer strained eyes, and has been helping me fall asleep when it’s hot out. (I’ve also been using mine with some restorative yoga (lying on my back with my legs up the wall) to cool down after a run.

Learn more about the health benefits of Viparita Karani (Legs-Up-The-Wall-Pose), here:

Cold compresses are also a great way to treat under eye bags (the cold reduces the swelling.)

Get your bamboo + organic cotton eye pillow here: (Lavender, Lavender Peppermint and Unscented eye pillows now available.)


Spring cleaning

Many of us have detoxing on the brain around this time of year. It’s a great idea to take stock of (and slowly but surely replace) the products you put in & on your body that are loaded with harmful chemicals. A good one to start with is toothpaste. Check out this list of ingredients to avoid. This Harvard study confirmed that Fluoride actually lowers the IQ of children. No good!

It can be tricky to find a good all natural version at most stores. The good news is that according to this recent study, coconut oil is actually more effective than commercial toothpaste.

I put together this minty-fresh coconut oil based recipe (that actually tastes like toothpaste!) using anti-bacterial + anti-viral spearmint essential oil, and some other ingredients that are good for the teeth & gums.  
Check it out here:

As always, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!


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Review: Organic Cotton + Bamboo eye pillow

I love this feedback & pic sent in from a lovely happy customer!

“This pillow is AWESOME! It’s a generous size, and fits well on my face. The filling is heavy, in a good way, and gives a great eyeball-hug. ;)
(That is totally a thing.) And the cloth is super-soft. Super-duper-soft. The design looks so cool. I love the gold geometric pattern over the black background. But the thing I noticed first was how great the scent is. Even my cat seems to like it.

Very fresh and fragrant. I am sensitive to perfume, and don’t like really strong smells, so this was important. Great natural scent. I will definitely enjoy this pillow!” Thank you so much, Shannon Marie!
Get your eye pillow here:

sacred geometry bamboo and organic cotton eye pillow

I’d love to hear your reviews + see photos of your eye pillows / natural body care products or t-shirts by The Lotus Root!  Send them in to or post them on instagram (tag @TheLotusRoot) or facebook

The Lotus Root eye pillows on YouTube

I was so excited that Candace from Yoga By Candace featured one of my eye pillows in her most recent “Favorite Things” episode. (Check out the video, here).


I offered a coupon code to her viewers, and since it’s my birthday I wanted to share the love with you as well. Use the coupon code GIVELOVE to save 20% on your entire order in my etsy shop, now until Monday, March 7th at Midnight, EST


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How to meditate (without getting bored)

Many people have expressed to me their desire to meditate, but have said they either:

a. feel they’re “bad at it” because they find their thoughts wandering,
b. find it boring
c. feel that they can’t fit a meditation practice into their lives, or
d. just can’t motivate themselves to do it every day.

(I can completely relate to all of these thoughts & feelings, by the way!)
Some amazing studies have come out recently about meditation and how it increases gray matter in the brain. Even though I don’t do it every single day (but feel better when I do make it a consistent practice), meditation has helped me in so many ways over the years that I love to encourage people to try it.

If you’ve ever had a challenging time starting or keeping up with a meditation practice, check out this post where I talk about my favorite book on the subject:

How to meditate without getting bored or restless

The exercises in the book are designed to help you physically/emotionally/spiritually + psychologically, and can be done in as little as 3 minutes a day. If someone asked me to name one book that has changed my life, this would be it. Want to try some of the exercises right away? (They’ll help you reduce stress, feel more calm, yet more energized at the same time.) Check out this video:

I hope it helps. Please feel free to leave a comment or get in touch if you have any questions. I’d love to hear what you think if you check out the book or video, or if you have a meditation practice that you can recommend!

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Skinfood: Ayurvedic Golden Milk / Turmeric Latte Recipe

Vegan Turmeric Latte recipe - Love this frothy version of ayurvedic golden milk!


Day 18 of ‪#‎SixtyDaysofSelfCare‬ – I was inspired by this post by @urbanorganica and this one by @inspiringquietly to make some chocolate golden milk (find the recipe here), but I was all out of cocao. I decided to try Jean Godfrey June’s turmeric latte recipe from goop – another modern twist on Ayurvedic golden milk.  It was delicious and I love the idea of putting it in a blender after heating it up. It’s a great way to get some turmeric and coconut oil into your diet everyday. I’ve had four in the last few days and I feel that my skin, body and energy levels are already benefiting from it.

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It’s great for the joints, brain, heart, skin & immune system, and has been proven to alleviate the symptoms of depression. It’s also known to increase flexibility of the tendons (perfect for yogis & dancers).


* I didn’t have any fresh turmeric so I used 1 tsp of the powder.

* I ended up straining it after I blended the almond milk + ginger.

*I added a pinch of pepper to it which helps your body absorb the curcumin in turmeric by 2000%

* Be careful with the turmeric because it may stain your blender – you might want to blend the ginger + almond milk first and then add it back to the pot to stir in the rest of the ingredients.
(Find it here: there are lot’s of great skin care tips there, too.)


+ Curious about more ayurvedic herbs for great skin? Check out this post

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Self-love when Valentines day sucks (and even if it doesn’t)

What do you do when it hurts to hear about love this time of year?

One of my go-to techniques for feeling better is E.F.T.

Emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping, is a method of tapping on certain acupressure points while reciting affirmations. I’ve found both affirmations/positive self-talk/mantras and working with pressure points to be VERY powerful on their own.

Even more magic happens when you use them at the same time.

So even though you may feel ridiculous doing this, I highly recommend giving it a try. No one has to know! ;)
In this post I talked more about tapping + how to do it, and recommend some other techniques for clearing emotional pain + dealing with stress.

If it’s calling your name, check out this e.f.t video for clearing emotional pain.

or this one when you’re feeling lonely ♡

Self-love when Valentines day sucks

Tomorrow, by the way, is the International Day of Self-Love. Around this time last year I wrote this vulnerable post and started the first round of

60 Days of Self-Care.

I realized I had some resistance, guilt, and shame around the idea of fully taking care of myself (and still do). Can you relate?

If you ever feel that way, this tapping video is great: Self-Care (It’s a good thing… really)

And this one is good if you need a little boost: Self-love in five minutes

So give the videos a try, have yourself a good cry or take an epsom salt bath to clear things out, and then continue your other self-care practices. Keep working on becoming the most kickass version of yourself so that (when the time is right) The One will be drawn to you like a bee to honey ;)

Feel like joining me on Sixty Days of Self-Care? In the name of self-love I’ve been taking the pressure off of myself by not doing it every single day, but I’m still committed to completing 60 days. My goal is also to share some of my best self-care + holistic health + natural body care tips with you. Check it out/ join me on instagram or Facebook :)


p.s: I’m placing an order for bamboo and organic cotton / hemp and organic cotton shirts
on Monday. If you’re interested in getting one soon, place your order by Sunday 2/14. I most likely won’t be placing the next bamboo/organic cotton t-shirt order for another 4-6 weeks. All 100% organic cotton shirts will be ordered more often until the supplier is out of tee’s.

eye pillow sale + giveaway!

I recently sent some bamboo + organic cotton eye pillows to the awe-inspiring Yoga By Candace for a photoshoot for her upcoming book.

(Here’s a behind-the-scenes clip of her setting up her yoga props like a boss for the shoot!)

Yoga By Candace On-Set-Prop-Set-Up

photo: @YogaByCandace

Candace mentions in this post that she can’t sleep or travel without her eye pillow now (My mom says the same thing) :)

yogabycandace comment

Others have told me that they love using theirs for savasana, or as a cold pack for their tired, computer-stressed eyes. Want to try one for yourself? All aromatherapy eye pillows are currently $5 off in my etsy shop – now until Monday 2/1

I’m also giving an eye pillow away to one lovely winner ♡ 

sacred geometry sri yantra eye pillow

To enter:

1: LIKE The Lotus Root Facebook or Instagram page (or both!)

2: Share your favorite memory that you associate with a scent. Are you transported back to your grandma’s kitchen every time you smell blueberry pie? Do you think of your trip to India when you inhale the scent of Sandalwood?

Leave a comment letting us know on Instagram (on this post) or on Facebook

(right here) for a chance to win. Giveaway ends Monday, 2/1 at Midnight EST.

The winner will be chosen at random and will receive the eye pillow of their choice from my shop


As you probably know I’m a big fan of the power of aromatherapy, and will be talking more about essential oils and their effects on the mind/body/soul in future posts. I’ll also be getting more deeply into their benefits for the skin (and which oils to avoid) so stay tuned! (and as always – feel free to reach out if you have any questions!)

il_570xN.446508365_3d0bWhat people are sayin':

Got the most Om-mazing “Dream” lavender scented lotus eye pillow to help with sleeplessness from Liz at The Lotus Root. When I opened the box, the out pouring of calm scents and love was unbelievable. It’s been such a rough day for Pain and I am so happy to have my eye pillow ♥ Thank you Liz!! – Krysten F. from Holla For my Mala – Asbury Park, NJ

Smells amazing and is the perfect size and weight. Thanks! Crystal C. – CA


ps: Have you tried these babies yet? They’re saviors for dry hands! With skin loving organic jojoba and therapeutic grade / organic essential oils:

“Love the lavender scent! I’ve been using it on my hands…it’s moisturizing aromatherapy! Everyone compliments on the scent.” Ani B – MA

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