Custom Flower Essence blend testimonials:

“I’ve seen some amazing results with these flower essences!  There’s been a noticeable shift in the way that I feel at a core level, that seems to grow exponentially with each bottle (I just finished my fourth bottle).  I’ve begun taking massive action toward my biggest goals with more confidence than ever.  I look forward to continuing to try new flower essence blends!” – David R, Chicago

“I’ve used a few different flower essence blends from The Lotus Root. Liz took great time and care to discover my exact needs and then crafted custom blends for the issues I wanted to address. I was looking for a natural way to improve focus, enhance creativity, ease anxiety and increase motivation and productivity. Not only did I have great results, but they also worked really quickly! I love their versatility and the way they work gently and subtly, yet profoundly. Liz has really perfected the art of creating custom blends that work specific to you. I highly recommend trying them, and especially working with Liz, to experience the many benefits they have to offer! She is not only gifted in the healing arts, but her creative and artistic talents enhance all she does. Great customer service and care, incredible products and fast delivery. FIVE STARS ★★★★★ Super grateful and satisfied customer” – Tania Rich,

If we’re worked together and you have a testimonial to share, please do so here. Thank you in advance!


I was so excited that Candace from Yoga By Candace featured one of my eye pillows in her most recent “Favorite Things” episode. (Check out the video below, review begins at 0:45)

Purchase eye pillows here: TheLotusRoot – Etsy


“Arrived exactly as described, and the lavender is perfect and not overwhelming. The cover is super soft. I struggle to keep my face relaxed and my eyes closed (whether it’s for savasana or trying to sleep), and this pillow works like magic.” Kate L. – Syracuse, NY

“As a back-sleeper, Liz’s eye pillow has been the long-sought-after alternative to a sleep mask–the weight and size are just perfect, the natural lavender scent is relaxing, the texture of the cotton jersey cover is soft, and Liz’s hand-painted designs are beautiful and evocative. I’ve really come to rely so much on the eye pillow as the perfect sleep aid that I never travel without it, and when I lost it on a trip overseas, I was genuinely stricken to find they were no longer listed at her online shop. I reached out to Liz directly and she was extraordinarily kind. She not only offered to make a replacement, despite having moved states and changed careers, she arranged a handoff on her visit home to Chicago. I can’t speak highly enough of Liz’s craftsmanship or her dedication to customers. The pillow is one of those small things that has made an unaccountably disproportionate difference in my well-being. Thank you, Liz!” Kim O – Chicago, IL

 “My savasana was 10 times deeper using the eye pillow! It smells delicious too! ”
Vanessa Birnbaum, co-founder of all you can yoga

“I love these eye pillows! And so do my clients. Very well made. Perfect for my massage therapy business. I bought some extra eye pillow covers to go with the eye pillows. They are wonderful works of art and as soft as can be. I love them.“ Linda J, – Milwaukie, OR

“This eye pillow is AWESOME! It’s a generous size, and fits well on my face. The filling is heavy, in a good way, and gives a great eyeball-hug. ;)(That is totally a thing.) And the cloth is super-soft. Super-duper-soft. The design looks so cool. I love the gold geometric pattern over the black background. But the thing I noticed first was how great the scent is. Even my cat seems to like it. Very fresh and fragrant. I am sensitive to perfume, and don’t like really strong smells, so this was important. Great natural scent. I will definitely enjoy this pillow!” Shannon Marie G. – San Diego, CA

“LOVE this eye pillow. It’s beyond. Saw it on my @yogabycandace app (favorite things post) I just received it – all expectations surpassed! Thx for such a great product. Amy H. – Jamestown, NC

“Perfect. This pillow is a great weight and the lavender smells wonderful. I know I will use it often.” Hannah C. – Dayton, OH

“In LOVE!!! I purchased a couple of these with an extra cover for my new healing business. I knew that these were pricier than a lot on the market, but I had a feeling they would be worth it…and I was right. These are super soft, weighty, and have a very intense lavender aroma. I’m glad I spent the extra for a top quality item. Can’t beat the designs either…nothing better than sacred geometry and lotus flowers! These are perfect!” – Melissa G., NY

“I used it for the first time last night and it. seriously. Works. It instantly feels wonderful- soft, the perfect weight, and it blocks out light while smelling uh-freaking-mazing- but after about ten minutes I definitely felt my actual eye lid (call me weird, it’s true) relaxing. I was out in another ten minutes. I hadn’t intended to fall asleep with it. I’ve never been a fan of traditional eye masks… They feel a bit restricting and sweaty. But this, this just feels like utter de-stress relaxation. It’s like an eye massage with no massage. What? Okay. I’ll stop. But seriously, eye pillows I now know are the jam.” Brooke C. – Grovetown GA

“I love my lavender peppermint eye pillow! I really appreciate the love and care put into making this. It got to me quickly and the personalized note that came with it made me smile. Thank you!” Courtney M, Roseville, CA

“What else can I say that I didn’t say about the first one I bought…? Top rate. Kudos to The Lotus Root. She makes a quality product you don’t mind spending the $$ on. I’d rather have a couple of these for my new healing business than a dozen cheaper ones. It was important for me to be able to remove and wash the covers (which I haven’t done yet, so I can’t attest to wear). Love that she made these out of organic and natural products.” -Melissa G, NY

“Love this flax seed eye pillow. It allows me to switch off from my other one. I like that it doesn’t have a scent because I have my own oils that I can scent it with. I like the removable cover that I can wash. It is a very nice eye pillow. Thank you!” Laura L. – Woodbridge Virginia

“I die for these! Smell innnnncredible!” Candace Moore of

“My meditation clients at the tech start up LOVE the eye pillows! They each selected a different design that is “theirs” to use each week and I love that if a student leaves the group (or company), I can wash the cover and give it to a new member. It’s the perfect solution for relaxing in a conference room with fluorescent lights you cannot completely shut off.” Andrea Klunder of, Chicago, IL

“I love this eye pillow, or as you call it a “Dream Pillow” – the softness, weight, and smell is just perfect to relax me into a wonderful sleep. If you’ve never tried one of these, I highly recommend getting one; especially from The Lotus Root!” Charlie B. – Tacoma, WA

“Got the most Om-mazing “Dream” lavendar scented lotus eye pillow to help with sleeplessness from Liz at The Lotus Root. When I opened the box, the out pouring of calm scents and love was unbelievable. It’s been such a rough day for Pain and I am so happy to have my eye pillow ♥ Thank you Liz!!” – Krysten F. from Holla For my Mala – Asbury Park, NJ

“Smells amazing and is the perfect size and weight. Thanks!” Crystal C. – CA

“I stuck it in the freezer yesterday and used it as a cold compress to sleep last night. The cold felt so nice on my tired computer stressed eyes.” Kristen F. – Mesa, AZ

“They are divine! A great relaxing aid and very useful when gently heated to help relieve dry eyes!” Melissa W. – Chicago, IL

“I slept with the eye pillow last night and it was heavenly.” Lauren P. – Los Gatos, CA

It’s lovely (the design is awesome) and smells so great! I received the pillow quickly and Liz was in contact with me letting me know when it shipped. Awesome!” – Alexandra O. – Royal Oak, MI

“Just got the eye pillow!  It smells heavenly and it’s beautiful.  It’s a nice generous size too.” Lisa M.  – Chicago, IL
“Smells wonderful and is so soft, like a favorite t-shirt!” Stephanie B. – Sandy, Utah
“I love these eye pillows and so does anyone I get them for as a gift! They’re the perfect size, and weight to keep light out in the morning or for a nap during the day, and of course to relax at bedtime. The smell of lavender is so pleasant and refreshing, mine still has a little of the scent after more than a year. The washable cover is also a great idea. I would definitely recommend this eye pillow to anyone, I couldn’t live without mine!” – Mitchel J, Auburn Washington
“recd the pillow today, looks nice, smells great, fast delivery, thanks so much!!!!!!!!” Barb W. – Regina, SK, Canada 

“I’ve been using mine and it works great. Great to use use when getting a Cat Nap. It even helps me fall back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night. I love mine.”  Maryann M.  – Chicago, IL

“Beautiful! Great size and wonderful aroma. Thank you!” Jeffrey B. – Purcellville, VA

“So far so good! I’ve had it a few days, and it smells wonderful. Using it helps me unwind right before I fall asleep.” Robert L. – Houston, TX

“My eye pillow came in the mail today and it’s beautiful! It is so soft and larger then I expected and smells lovely. Thank you for the sweet note too. I can’t wait to use it for dreaming and at yoga on Sunday. My savasana will be extra special! Thanks again :)” Kristen F. – Mesa, AZ

“Fabulous eye pillow! I bought this as a gift and I know she will love it. Thank you!” Hannah C. – Dayton, OH

Body care Reviews

“Love the lavender scent! I’ve been using it on my hands…it’s moisturizing aromatherapy! Everyone compliments on the scent.” Ani B – MA

“I love my Ruby Lip Balm! Just the right touch of color and does a great job of keeping my lips soft.” Maryann M. – Chicago, IL

“I definitely don’t think there needs to be improvements…unless you can start selling these in huge jars. LOL. But anyways, I’d like to say that I tried this for a week straight on the driest problem areas…my elbows and heels and after 7 days or so they weren’t dry! So now I only have to use it every other day or every 2 days. And it also smells amazing!” May L. – NJ

“They arrived, thank you! I love the smell of the cocoa butter, it feels like I’m wearing chocolate, which I love.  :-) I’m glad they’re hand crafted and truly natural, not almost natural, really natural ingredients which is hard to find!” Kara S. – CA

“I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Best lip balm EVER! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” Brad W. – Chicago, IL

“Not only does my mom use it everyday now, but I won’t stop hearing about how soft her skin is and she already bragged to my aunts. So thanks to how awesome a job you did. My pockets will be empty in the near future. Damn your addictive cosmetics that smell like sweet religion. Cause now I have to order more too.” Marbel Canseco of Marbel Canseco Studio, Yonkers NY

“I love the packaging and the scents, Im excited to integrate these products into my daily use! I was soo impressed with how easily the lip balm glided on too and have been using that since i got it! So far its the best texture and smooth coverage for a moisturizing chapstick! Lovely product, I love all of it!” Monika B – Vernon, CT

“I love this set! Everything smells delicious and feels amazing. And I love knowing they all have natural ingredients. I definitely recommend these products.” Sarah R., NYC

“My feet LOVE the Topaz Cocoa body bar! Getting summer sandal ready.” Andrea Klunder of InfuseLife – Chicago, IL

“The products came yesterday and they are fantastic! I love the Amethyst body balm the best I think. And I’m surprised how much I like the Topaz body bar. I usually don’t like body care that smells like food but it’s just lovely. I’ll be sad when it loses its heart shape. And the lip balms are great as well – smell wonderful, go on smooth and luscious, and they last a while on my lips. They smell really good too. I can’t wait to try your other products. “ Lisa M. – Chicago, IL

“I’ve been using my products all day and, dang girl!! These are amazing! I love how moist and juicy the lip balms are-such good application and moisture. And I just laid myself down for bed all anointed with my yummy lavender and cocoa butter balms on my hands and elbows! What a luxurious feel and smell! I know I’m going to sleep like a dream! I also love the little sizes! I usually carry around a little clutch purse and I can fit all of these in there! I always need a lotion, but can never fit it in my bag! Total game changer! :D ”   Rachael P. of Treetrunkwise Yoga, Seattle, WA

“Hi Liz, just wanted to let you know that we love our massage bar… I actually use it for Acalli since she has dry skin on her legs. She really enjoys being massaged with it and we both really enjoy the scent. I love it cause it is also easy for me to carry it around in her bag whenever we go out”  Christina Obregón, Chicago IL

“Just returned from a trip to find the lip balm in my mailbox. ….love, love, love it!!!!!” Jenean Zunk of Namaste Living Online, FL

Organic cotton t-shirt + tank top reviews: 

Rob wearing his t-shirt by The Lotus Root in Vrksasana / tree pose

“I always get compliments on this shirt at the yoga studio. Super soft, comfortable fit, and the design has held up well in the wash!” Rob S. – Portland Maine (Photo: Charlotte Stuart Photography)

“I love this t shirt, soft as silk with a stunning design!” Stephen M. – London

“Great cut, awesome fabric, terrific artwork… you guys rock. my new favorite shirt for yoga practice.”  Stefan –  Germany

 Softest, gorgeous t! Love the print even more in person. Amanda Owens of Exultation Guidance and Healing – Chicago, IL

These are the best T-Shirts by far, great artistic designs and excellent light cotton! Brent S. -New South Wales, Australia

Very friendly shopkeeper, good communication and a fast delivery. I like the softness of the fabric and the print appears to be sticking to the shirt even after multiple washes so thumbs up for the quality!

Ilke  – Belgium

“I am hereby declaring this shirt ‘Purchase of the Month’. It’s a flattering, perfect fit, the print is striking but subtle, and the price is a downright bargain. Arrived expediently and I was exceptionally happy with the service – requesting a different size to what was listed – and will be back. Thank you thank you thank you! I love myself sick in this shirt. ;)” Gennifer C. of Altar and Mantle – Melborne, VIC, Australia 

New Favorite!

Ana – Oklahoma City, OK

Not only is the shirt awesome. The designer and owner is terrific. Liz accommodated my request for a prompt delivery and even followed up to ensure it arrived in time. Between the quality of service and the clothing, I would recommend buying form here. Paul R. – Washington, DC

 It’s one of my all time favorite shirts! It goes well with everything and I always get compliments when I wear it. Anna R. – State College, PA

Got the shirt yesterday, and I am wearing it now. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It fits perfect, the design is even more gorgeous in person, and I am just ecstatic. It isn’t easy to find perfect t-shirts! Thank you, thank you!

Much gratitude,

Andrea D. of – Weaverville, NC

I received my package today and we LOVE LOVE LOVE your shirts :) I am so happy it’s here!!! 


 Love it, so soft and looks amazing on! The design is just lovely.

Arminda of– Palm Harbor, FL

Look even better in person and are the softest shirts ever!

Rebecca – Cambridge Bay, Canada


I like your designs and choice of fabrics. Hope to see some new ones in the near future.

Gino – Belgium

Love love love it! Going to be tough waiting for Christmas before I can wear it. This is my third shirt from The Lotus Root and they are all my favorite tee’s, uber soft and wonderful crafted with beautiful artisan designs. Thank you Liz!

 Kristen F. of Creative Stash – Mesa, AZ

 “Your package arrived a few days ago – I love the gifts and the shirt fits well and is a lovely cotton.”

R A Sanders – Cornwall, UK

I was so excited to see my beautiful package in the mailbox when I got home from work today and even more excited to try on this beautiful new t. I am not even kidding when I tell you this is my new favorite tshirt – it is sooo incredibly soft and breathable and you’ll definitely want to get more than one so you can keep one for a night shirt – and the image really speaks to me – I love this artist’s work! Seller was so friendly and communicative and the package was shipped in record time. Size wise, I am very pleased – I am 5’4 125ish and quite petite on top and this has plenty of room to move (great for yoga class) yet maintains a flattering look and does not appear baggy. I like the added length of the t as well I think I would also be happy wearing an XS and alternating between the 2 sizes. I’ll definitely be back again soon and can’t wait for more colors!! :)

Joanna of – Rehoboth, MA

I just wanted to let you know I got my shirts yesterday. I LOVE them! They are so soft and fit great – good call on the small over the x-small. The design is so cool, and I’ve been getting a lot of positive comments today.

I will DEFINITELY be ordering from you again. 
Thanks so much.

Rebecca – Cambridge Bay, Canada

Beautiful soft tshirt, lovely design and lovely seller, too! Thank you!

Kristi B. – Robe, SA, Australia

Oh HUZZAH!!!! This came in the mail so much sooner than expected – did you fly to Australia just for me? Heh heh. The shirt is awesome. Soft, fantastic length, perfect neckline and of course the print is gorgeous. I’m extremely happy with my purchase once again. Top marks for the new packaging too – LOVE the lotus root card; gold makes me feel special and opulent. Well done on such a great product and brilliant service. 

Gennifer C. – Melborne, VIC, Australia

LOVE LOVE LOVE this t!!! Fits perfectly, super soft and comfy fabric (so important!!), GORGEOUS design, and the blue is beautiful! It brings out my eyes! Thank you so much for another lovely piece of wearable art. I’ll be back again!

Joanna – Rehoboth, MA

Very very nice tank-top :-D Looks even better than on the pictures :-D
Stine G. – Ringsted, Demark

Just got the shirt and it fits perfect! Its the softest most comfy shirt I now own. And its very flattering on me! Thanks again!

 Brandy – Cincinnati, Ohio

Another gorgeous shirt! I love the colour, it’s really uplifting. The print is as always beautifully executed and striking. Perfect product, perfect service. I thank you x 1000000000. 

Gennifer C.  – Melborne, VIC, Australia

 Beautiful designs, love them very much! Thank you!

Samuel – Columbus, Ohio

thank god for people who make plus sizes, Big and Tall shopping becomes so easy

France F – Needham, MA

Another perfect tshirt from The Lotus Root. Crisp print, gorgeous detail, flattering fit. Couldn’t ask for anything more! Naturally I’ll be back – have my eye on your feather tshirt for my next purchase. Keep ’em coming! xxxxxxxxx

Gennifer C.  – Melborne, VIC, Australia

You are awesome! The shirt is so soft and looks great. It shipped super fast. I will buy from you over and over again. This is a wonderful shirt and the design is amazing. What a talent!

Vicky L.- Winter Springs, FL

really love this print, colour and fit, thank you! Kiki V. – Queen Charlotte, BC, Canada

fast shipping great shirt super soft Lauren V. – Westminster, CA

Awesome! He loved it! Great communication, too! Nicole B. – Ashland, OR

Love my new favourite shirt. Thank You Connie C.- Petrolia, ON, Canada

I love the lotus root! Beautiful shirt, color is really pretty and richer then I thought. LOVE Kristen F.- Mesa, AZ

Kept me up to date and in the know the whole time. Delivered in good time and the t-shirt is so so soft! I’m really happy with my purchase, thank you!! Bernadette B.- Melborne, VIC, Australia

Very friendly shop, good communication, fast delivery. Very suitable as a gift ( atleast for my boyfriend, he loved it!)

Ilke – Belgium

 Very comfortable t-shirt material and cool thoughtful design! Thanks!

Rose – Los Angeles, CA

I’ve gotten three shirt from this seller because they are both super soft, good weight bamboo shirts and seller is wonderful to work with, goes above and beyond to ensure good fit of shirts.

Roberta – Durham, NC

Great seller, worked with me to find best size tops, beautiful and soft shirts!

Roberta – Durham, NC

Loved the shirts! So soft! Very pleased!

Cristina – Monroeville, NJ 

So soft & very nice, dark ink! Well done :) 

Alicia M. – Springfield, MO

This was an early Christmas present and he absolutely loves it ! Thank you so very much, beautiful artwork and creativity. Happy Holidays…. look forward to doing business with you again in the future !!

Deborah – Sarasota, FL

LOVE it!

Amy – Sacramento, CA

Great shirt, excellent quality, feels and looks good. Shipped quick. Thanks! :)

Chloe – Atlanta, GA

Upcycled t-shirt fingerless gloves / arm warmer reviews: 

Perfect! I might not wait for Halloween, they’re that cool... Jasmine T. – Haines, Alaska

Lovely Gloves! Thanks a million! Andrea T., -Austin, TX

Awesome, they work well on me and my 5 year old son likes to wear them too! very fun! Good quality.

Camilla A.- Calgary, Alberta, CA

The arm warmers are just perfect. They match my skeleton leggings almost exactly. Thank you very much for your creativity.

Nellie – Bellingham, WA

Great! Shipped super fast! They fit great. – Kira J., Honolulu, HI


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