TO GET STARTED: Fill out this form, and let us know which options you’d like to start with so we can begin. I’ll then send you an invoice and a questionnaire for you to fill out, which will allow me to personalize your blend, and/or will help us prepare for your coaching call.


Option 1: One customized flower essence blend + 1 month of coaching via email. I’ll check in 3 times during this process with personalized writing prompts / assignments & support to help you move forward towards your goals. (This option may include holistic health guidance if needed)

Price: $65 (includes shipping within the US.) 

Option 2: 1 hour creative coaching call with myself & lead designer at SOLLOS Creative, Jason Clary to help you clarify and catalyze your goal achievement

Price: $80 (includes shipping within the US.)

Option 3: 1 custom flower essence blend PLUS 1 months-worth of coaching with me & Jason. This includes one 1 hour coaching call, one 15 minute check-in call halfway through the month, and customized assignments, writing prompts, & support via email along the way to help you process & shift emotions that may be keeping you stuck so you can get on a better track to clarify & reach your goals. (Price: $120 includes shipping within the US)

LET’S GET STARTED!: Fill out this form, and let us know which package(s) you’d like to purchase so we can begin

Flower Essence Blends for Pets & their Caretakers

Option 4: 1 custom blend for your pet

Price:  $34 (includes shipping) – This option may include holistic health guidance for your pet if needed.

Option 5: 1 custom blend for your pet + 1 custom blend for yourself

Since we often affect and are affected by our pets behavior, it can be helpful for us to work with our own blend while our pet takes theirs. Price: $75 for two, 1 oz bottles (includes free shipping)

*Please note: I’m happy to work on a sliding scale for anyone in need. Feel free to get in touch with me so we can discuss what would work best for you.

TO GET STARTED: Fill out this form, and let me know which package(s) you’d like to purchase so we can begin

I have over 100 flower essences (and a few gem essences) to choose from, which I (in most cases) narrow down to 7 or less based on the information that you’ll provide on a questionnaire. We’ll focus in on one main issue so that your blend can be most effective.

I’ll carefully consider your individual needs, constitution, personality, goals, past experiences or traumas, and current life circumstances as I craft your blend.

If you have any questions about flower essences or are not sure if they’ll be helpful for you, feel free send me an email and let me know what you’re currently going through or working towards. I’ll give you my honest opinion about whether or not I think flower remedies will be a good fit for you, or if I believe another professional or a different type of therapy/modality would better suit your needs.