A few birthday offerings…

I hope the change of seasons has you in good spirits!

If you’ve been feeling down lately, I completely honor that, too.

As a Pisces & a highly sensitive soul, I’ve been trying my best to ride the wave of grief (& many other emotions) that myself & others have been experiencing as of late.

While it’s a different mix for everyone, I’ve been hearing that sadness, guilt, anxiety, overwhelm, anger, depression, & a sense that we’re, perhaps, being collectively gaslit have been coming up a lot for people.

Processing the heartbreaking atrocities we’ve been witnessing in Gaza and around the world, as well as a lot of frustration, uncertainty & fear about the future has felt quite heavy.

I’ve also been noticing a theme of people feeling incredibly stuck in their lives (for various reasons), which is something I can definitely empathize with.

Can you relate as well?

In typical water-sign fashion (with my moon, rising sign & north node in Cancer), I feel very comfortable in the emotional realm, and I’m happy to support you as you swim through those waters.

Since I celebrated my 42nd birthday earlier this month, I wanted to offer you a personalized flower essence blend, and a months worth of coaching for $42

This will include personalized writing prompts / assignments & support to help you move forward toward your goals. Offer ends April 20th – Regular price is $65

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I’ve also been teaming up with my partner-in-time (and rock solid graphic designer), Jason, on multiple projects.

We’ve finally had a moment to catch our breath after working on quite an intense design job with a Harvard research center for the better part of last year — we’ll be sharing more about that soon.

Since we both have birthdays this month, we wanted to offer 2 deals for the creative coaching services that we’ve been offering together, where we get a chance to share some of what we’ve learned from the projects we’ve worked as a team, as well as in our 15+ years a solo entrepreneurs.

  1. If you’ve been feeling stuck in your career/business/creative projects, (or lack thereof) we’d love to help you move the needle. We’ll be offering one hour creative coaching calls with the two of us for $55 to help you get on a better track to clarify & reach your goals. (Price goes up to $80 on April 20th)
  2. We’re also offering a package consisting of 1 months worth of coaching + 1 custom flower essence blend to help to help you process & shift emotions that may be keeping you stuck so you can catalyze your goal achievement – On Sale Now for $97 (price goes up to $120 on 4/20)

Click here to learn more & get started! 

Lastly, check out our flower essence blends for pets & holistic pet-care services, here: BlueJay & Bettie’s

Bluejay & Betties Flyer

photo & flyer by Jason Clary / SOLLOS Creative

As always, I appreciate your support, and willingness to take care of yourself.

We look forward to working with you if you’d like to take your healing and/or goals to the next level!

Liz (also known as Paige)

“The key to any good guidebook is the authors firsthand experience of the terrain.”

– Marjorie Kalter, PhD

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