What are flower essences?

 Flower essences  (also known as flower remedies) are gentle yet powerful botanical infusions, which enhance our mental, emotional & spiritual well-being. They’re normally created by floating flowers (at the height of their bloom) in a glass bowl filled with spring water for several hours in the sun.
This allows the sunlight to imprint the water with the flower’s unique vibration, or energetic pattern. Each flower resonates with a specific emotion, and the essences act as catalysts to help balance emotional and behavioral patterns in humans & animals.
As one of my teachers, Loey Colebeck, would put it, flower essences are the lifeforce, or chi, of a plant, recorded in water.
Unlike essential oils, they’re unscented, and are generally taken internally, but can also be applied to the body topically or added to a bath.
Flower essences are safe and a wonderful compliment to therapy, or any other healing modality one may be taking part in. While immediate relief can be experienced, flower essences are most beneficial when taken consistently over a longer period of time. Shifts are often subtle yet profound.
As a flower essence practitioner, I work as a bridge between flowers and people (or their pets), pinpointing the essence(s) that will be most helpful based on the information provided.
 I create personalized flower essence formulas with the intention of helping my clients shift emotions and/or reach their goals.
I’ve decided to extend my current deal for the rest of the year as I work towards incorporating other services into my offerings.
I’m also happy to continue to work on a sliding scale. If this is a need for you, please feel free to reach out so we can discuss what would work best for you at this time.
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Celebrating my birthday with a brand new offering for you


Saturday, March 4th was my 41st birthday. Since I’m still in celebration mode, I thought it would be a good time to share what I’ve been working on, and to send a special offer to you!

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I’ve been taking some time to shift things at The Lotus Root and in my personal life. I moved from Chicago to a cabin in the woods in North Carolina with my sweetheart / partner-in-time, Jason, where we’ve been enjoying tending our garden, and working on various other projects.

I’ve been assisting Jason in running his graphic design agency where I get to put my art & business backgrounds to use, helping our clients level-up the identity of their brands, and get more clarity around their business goals.

You may have initially come across my work when I was creating aromatherapy eye pillows & natural body care products.

I’ve put a pause on those offerings over the last few years to take the time to delve deeply into my studies of flower essence therapy, among many other healing modalities that I’ve found to be extremely helpful: energy psychology (especially Emotional Freedom Technique), functional nutrition, nutritional psychiatry (the study of the effects of food & supplements on mental health & wellness), humanistic & medical astrology, trauma-informed care, herbalism, and more. I’m excited to write more about these topics in later emails & posts, as well as art, music, movies and books, especially as they relate to flower essence therapy and emotional health.

Flower essences (also known as flower remedies) are gentle & safe — yet powerful — botanical infusions, which enhance our mental, emotional & spiritual well-being. Unlike essential oils, they’re unscented, and flower essence formulas are generally taken internally throughout the day, for several weeks at a time (but ideally longer!)

In the experience of myself & many others, you really start to notice lasting change from flower remedies after three to six months of use (although, if the remedies are a good match for you, you should feel some shifts much sooner). Since nature has her own timetable, it can be hard to predict how long the healing process will take.

Each flower resonates with a specific emotion, and they can be used situationally when certain moods or feelings come up. You may be familiar with Rescue Remedy, which is a popular flower essence blend that is given to children, adults and pets during frightening, traumatic or shocking moments.

If taken consistently over a longer period of time, flower remedies can assist us in identifying & shifting more deeply ingrained emotional & behavioral patterns, unhealthy coping mechanisms, programming, and self-defeating habits, especially if we’re willing to make the commitment to ourselves to do the inner work required.

They can be an excellent complement to therapy, journaling, and other healing modalities. I get really excited when I hear about mental health counselors who are incorporating flower essences into their practice.

They can assist greatly with goal setting, productivity, motivation, and achievement.

They serve as catalysts for positive change, boosting our vitality, and increasing our emotional intelligence. They help us to get more in touch with nature (and our own inner nature), allowing us to better understand and embrace who we are, and supporting us in our emotional growth & transformation. There are essences that can assist us in becoming better listeners, and some that allow us to experience greater patience, forgiveness and compassion toward ourselves and others. I believe that this can lead to greater empathy, and better relationships as a result.

They can be a wonderful way to help children and adults learn to better regulate, understand and communicate their feelings — and can provide wonderful support during major transitions in life, helping us get through them with more ease and grace.

There are some essences that bring us through a deeper experience with our emotions — inspiring a good cry when we have that heavy feeling of grief in our chest that needs to be released, or allowing us to access an emotion that we’ve repressed, so that we can process it and let it go.

There are also essences that are lighter, which help us feel more playful, enhance our creativity, and allow us to enjoy life more fully.

Working with flower essences gives you the opportunity to get to the root of the main issue you’re experiencing, so that you can take steps toward resolving it. Instead of numbing or sedating you, they allow you to feel like yourself again — so you can blossom into the empowered person you are truly meant to be.

While not specifically for physical ailments, the alleviation of emotional pain, stress & anxiety can sometimes offer us relief physically — and can give our body the opportunity to tap into its ability to heal itself. The location of our pain can give us clues about what needs to be released emotionally as well.

Flower remedies are beneficial to people of all ages (from infants to elders), and I love that they can also be given to animals. Jason and I have been working as pet-sitters for many years (individually at first, and now as a team), and we’ve been giving custom blends to the pets we’ve been caring for, with great results. They work well for separation anxiety, fears, attention seeking / aggressive behaviors, jealousy, etc. Giving flower essences to animals makes it clear that there is more than the placebo effect at play.

I’ve had an opportunity to train with some incredible teachers over the years, and have been using flower essences personally for almost a decade.

The first essence I tried was Bach’s white chestnut, which immediately helped calm down my racing thoughts.

Since it worked so well, I set out to learn as much as I could about flower remedies — to get an understanding of the nuances of each flower, and to get a better idea of how they work synergistically when combined. I’m now trained in their use internally, as well as topically on specific acupressure points (which is known as floral acupuncture.)

They’ve been a wonderful support as I’ve worked though trauma, anxiety, self-limiting beliefs and fears.

Flower essences have helped me trust more in my inner knowing, giving me the confidence to make better choices.

As a highly sensitive person, they’ve helped me to be less affected by other peoples energy, and have enabled me to establish stronger boundaries.

They’ve helped me release excessive feelings of guilt & shame, and work through anger & resentment. They’ve supported me during moments of despair, or the “dark night of the soul”.

With their help I’ve been able to get more centered, strengthening my sense of self & self-worth. They’ve given me the focus, motivation & courage to move forward during times when I’ve felt stuck in life. I’ve found them to be extremely beneficial in conjunction with shadow work & inner child work/reparenting.

It makes me so happy that I have the opportunity to be a bridge between this lovely natural healing modality and people & animals who can benefit from it, especially since they’re not as widely known in the US as they are in other countries.

Similar in some ways to homeopathic remedies, flower essences are highly diluted. Their actions can be subtle, and they don’t work biochemically in the same way that herbs do, but — like music — they can balance & heal us on a vibrational, or energetic level. As someone with a healthy amount of skepticism, I can understand how this might not make sense to those who are naturally more left-brained. However, some things can’t be measured or fully explained with the scientific instruments & tools us humans have created, and need to be experienced to be fully understood. So, if you’re curious, I invite you to give flower essences a try, so you can test & verify them for yourself.

Treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of enhanced emotional well-being. Find out how you can get started below!

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Option 1:

I’d love to offer you the opportunity to try out a custom flower essence formula at my current discounted rate.

In celebration of turning 41 this year, I’ll be charging $41 per customized formula (plus $4 shipping within the US – add $1 shipping for each additional bottle.) If taken consistently, this should last you about a month.

This offer is for adults & children of all ages!

*Price will increase to $120 (plus shipping) on April 17th

I have over 100 essences to choose from, which I (in most cases) narrow down to 7 or less based on the information that you’ll provide on an intake form. We’ll focus in on one main issue so that your blend can be most effective. I’ll carefully consider your individual needs, constitution, personality, goals, past experiences or traumas, and current life circumstances as I craft your blend.

As an added bonus, you’ll receive personalized holistic health insights: I’ll send you a document recommending any herbal remedies, healing modalities, supplements, cell salts, books or videos that I feel may be helpful for you to look into, based on the info that you’ll share with me. This allows you to make more informed choices, and to continue to take your health into your own hands.
As a small business owner with over 15 years of experience, I’m also happy to offer guidance regarding your entrepreneurial ventures, life mission, career, or vocational goals, if you’d like to gear your blend toward that. Not sure what your goals are? There’s a flower essence for that! (Actually, there are quite a few.)
*Optional: If you’re interested in sharing your birth time & location, I’ll also take a look at your astrological chart (as the celestial bodies have an effect on our innate nature.) While I don’t claim to be an astrologer, I’ve learned that there are certain remedies that are particularly helpful for each sign of the zodiac, and some placements that can give us clues about which essences might be most beneficial. After looking at various natal charts, I’ve noticed that there are patterns to look out for that can point me in the right direction. Once I’m finished, I’ll be happy to share any relevant astrological insights I come across, which I’ve found to be extremely healing in itself.

Option 2 – Dig Deep:
Three custom blends for $120
(Includes free shipping for all three bottles)
*Price will increase to $324 on April 17th (includes free shipping)

You’ll receive 3 custom formulas (shipped about once a month), along with my holistic health + astrological insights*, and email support / coaching / encouragement from me when needed.

I’ll check in with you at least 3 times via email while you work with your blends, and you’re welcome to reach out to me at any time during those months for support or to ask any questions that may come up during the process.

Option 3 – A Deeper Dive:
We’ll work together for 6 months for $240.
*Price for this option will increase to $540 on April 17th

You’ll receive 6 custom formulas (shipped for free, about once a month), holistic health + astrological insights*, and email support from me when needed.

I’ll check in with you at least 6 times while you work with your blends, and you’re welcome to reach out to me at any time during those months for support / coaching / encouragement, or to ask any questions that may come up during the process.

Option 4:

1 custom blend for your pet

Price: Currently $34 (includes shipping) – This option can include some holistic health guidance for your pet if needed.

Cost will increase to $45 (includes shipping) on April 17th

Option 5:

1 custom blend for your pet + 1 custom blend for yourself

Since we often affect and are affected by our pets behavior, it can be helpful for us to work with our own blend while our pet takes theirs.

Current price: $75 for the two bottles (includes free shipping)

Price will increase to $145 on April 17th (includes free shipping)

*Please note: I’m happy to work on a sliding scale for anyone in need. Feel free to get in touch with me so we can discuss what would work best for you.

TO GET STARTED: Fill out this form, and I’ll be in touch soon so we can begin our work together!

After filling it out, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice, as well the appropriate intake form(s) for you to fill out.
I have separate questionnaires for adults, children, and pets, so be sure to let me know which one(s) you’d like.

I’ll then create your blend(s), and ship your bottle(s) to you once everything’s ready!

If you have any questions about flower essences or are not sure if they’ll be helpful for you, feel free to reply to this email and let me know what you’re currently going through or working toward. I’ll give you my honest opinion about whether or not I think flower remedies will be a good fit for you — and I’ll let you know if I believe another professional or a different type of therapy/modality would better suit your needs.

I’m rooting for you! (and your pets!)

With gratitude,

(also known as Paige)

p.s: A birthday request: If I’ve created a flower essence blend for you or your pet and you’ve found it to be beneficial, I would be so very grateful if you could get in touch and send a short testimonial that I can share. Thank you in advance!

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