Personal experiences with flower essences

A photo of my certificate from Loey Colebecks 6 month long flower essence training

I’ve had an opportunity to train with some incredible teachers over the years, and have been using flower essences personally for almost a decade.

The first essence I tried was Bach’s white chestnut, which immediately helped calm down my racing thoughts.

Since it worked so well, I set out to learn as much as I could about flower remedies — to get an understanding of the nuances of each flower, and to get a better idea of how they work synergistically when combined. I’m now trained in their use internally, as well as topically on specific acupressure points (which is known as floral acupuncture.)

They’ve been a wonderful support as I’ve worked though trauma, anxiety, self-limiting beliefs and fears.

Flower essences have helped me trust more in my inner knowing, giving me the confidence to make better choices.

As a highly sensitive person, they’ve helped me to be less affected by other peoples energy, and have enabled me to establish stronger boundaries.

They’ve helped me release excessive feelings of guilt & shame, and work through anger & resentment. They’ve supported me during moments of despair, or the “dark night of the soul”.

With their help, I’ve been able to get more centered, strengthening my sense of self, my self-worth, and self-esteem after emotional abuse & traumatic stress. They’ve given me the focus, motivation & courage to move forward during times when I’ve felt stuck in life. I’ve found them to be extremely beneficial when doing inner child work & reparenting. Flower essences are not a magic bullet, but with time, consistency, and the support of other therapies, they’ve helped make a lot of progress towards my goals.

If you’re interested in trying out flower essences, I’m happy to help. You would start by filling out a questionnaire, and I would then create a blend for you based on your unique constitution, needs, goals and life experiences. I’ll then go ahead and create your custom blend.

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“I’ve seen some amazing results with these flower essences!  There’s been a noticeable shift in the way that I feel at a core level, that seems to grow exponentially with each bottle (I just finished my fourth bottle).  I’ve begun taking massive action toward my biggest goals with more confidence than ever.  I look forward to continuing to try new flower essence blends!” – David R, Chicago

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