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  • Triphala for healthy skin, detoxing, and more

    Triphala is a highly revered, time-tested ayurvedic herb which is thought to be beneficial to every system and organ of the body. It helps regulate & cleanse the digestive system. It’s so gentle that it’s considered safe enough to be taken everyday. It also helps cleanse the blood & liver, and doesn’t deplete the body […]

  • Ayurvedic herbs for the skin

    Today I wanted to share this video by Prashanti de Jager, one of my favorite herbalists, on the top ayurvedic herbs for clear & healthy skin. (Spoiler alert: the herbs are triphala, turmeric, brahmi, and neem – more about triphala and how to use it HERE.) To sum it up:  Any herb or food that […]

  • Hot cocoa with a healthy kick

    Golden milk is a hot ayurvedic drink traditionally made with milk, honey & turmeric (and a few other ingredients, depending on who you ask.) I’ve put my own spin on this by adding some mineral rich cocao and a few more spices. This is my absolute favorite way to get turmeric into my body, and […]