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  • Grow your own food this fall

    Happy Fall! A few years ago Vincent and I installed a Windowfarm and grew some leafy greens & herbs. I was interviewed about the Windowfarm by Jennifer Grayson for USA Today. The article wasn’t published, but with Jennifer’s permission I wanted to share it with you, to hopefully inspire you to give indoor gardening a try. USA […]

  • health & beauty tip: Eat your blueberries!

    Want great skin, a sharper mind + vibrant health (and to get through cold & flu season unscathed)? If you only commit to adding one healthy food to your diet, it’s a good idea that it’s the small but mighty blueberry. Why? These little berries are SO packed with beautifying, immune boosting + brain enhancing benefits […]

  • March Against Monsanto: Chicago 10.12.13

    Did you March against Monsanto Yesterday (or back in May?) Let’s see those videos & pics in the comments section! Know anyone who’s not clear on what foods + products are GMO (and how to avoid them)? Feel free to share or send them these posts: On food: http://thelotusroot.com/how-to-easily-avoid-gmos/ On skincare / bodycare / personal […]

  • National Kale Day

    It may not be Sketchbook Sunday, but I just found out it’s National Kale Day. I thought I’d share this drawing I did a while back for my dirty dozen / clean fifteen series. Kale is on of the dirty dozen list, so make sure it’s organic!     Sign up for info + updates […]