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  • The Lotus Root eye pillows on YouTube

    I was so excited that Candace from Yoga By Candace featured one of my eye pillows in her most recent “Favorite Things” episode. (Check out the video, here).   I offered a coupon code to her viewers, and since it’s my birthday I wanted to share the love with you as well. Use the coupon code […]

  • How to meditate (without getting bored)

    Many people have expressed to me their desire to meditate, but have said they either: a. feel they’re “bad at it” because they find their thoughts wandering, b. find it boring c. feel that they can’t fit a meditation practice into their lives, or d. just can’t motivate themselves to do it every day. (I can completely […]

  • I want to meditate, but…

    Want to meditate but have a hard time getting started (or staying motivated to stick with it?) Here’s my favorite tool for keeping up with a meditation practice – the book “Meditation As Medicine” by Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD. & Cameron Stauth. This book has been with me for 13+ years and continues to change my life […]

  • asato ma sadgamaya

    I can’t stop listening to this! (Find more music by Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band here) Hope you enjoy. Liz Sign up below for weekly healthy/eco-friendly living tips + inspiration Email Address

  • My favorite tools for dealing with stress & emotional pain

    Recently, I created an anonymous survey asking what I could help you with (you’re still welcome to let me know by clicking here.) I was asked how I’ve dealt with heartache, betrayal, stress + emotional pain, and if there are any natural remedies for those who keep their pain locked up and can’t find peace. […]

  • Giveaway ends tonight!

    I’ve extended the giveaway 1 more day! Enter before midnight EST for a chance to win an organic cotton tee! Enter here: http://on.fb.me/1jls4rf Or, if you could help me spread the word, that would be awesome! Click to Tweet 

  • flowing into fall

    As I mentioned last week, the designs I’ve been working on are finally finished. The first is my flowing chakras design, which I originally drew a while back for an album of Meditation music: Root to Crown. The second is a pattern I created for my eye pillows with the third eye / 6th chakra / anja […]

  • The Meaning of Mudras

    As promised, the new 100% organic cotton shirts with my mudra design are ready.   I’m so excited to finally have these new, limited edition shirts in stock in my etsy shop. They’re dyed with low impact dyes (no heavy metals or toxic substances – and not derived from petro-chemicals), and enzyme finished, a process that […]