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It’s Official! The Lotus Root Skincare is here!

It's finally ready! Natural skin care by The Lotus Root. Made with the best quality ingredients I could get my hands on. Organic and/or Fair trade ingredients used whenever possible. Always non gmo. Never tested on animals. No preservatives, parabens or other nasties. More items are soon to come.

I’m so excited that these babies are finally ready! Thank you so much to everyone who helped me choose my final label designs.

Without further ado, Check them out here:

It’s my mission to give you a truly natural option for skin care products that you can trust. To take the guess work out of the process, so that you can live your life, instead of spending all of your time researching ingredients + searching for products. To give you that relief that comes from knowing that you’re putting one less chemical on your body. To show that natural products can indeed work better than their chemical laden cousins.

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My goal is to help you cut through the confusion, marketing buzz words and greenwashing out there so that you can make the best choices for you.

I’ve created products that are made from the highest quality ingredients I could get my hands on (which are 100% natural, organic and/or fair trade whenever possible, always non gmo, and never tested on animals). I’ve formulated my products with sensitive skin in mind, and have focused on ingredients that have a long shelf life. I’ve used reusable, recyclable and/or recycled packaging for each item, and will continue to improve the packaging as my line grows (biodegradable lip balm tubes are on the horizon).
I believe in voting with my dollar – I love supporting independent, sustainable businesses, and I’m so happy that I get to do so when sourcing ingredients for my products.
I believe that being your most vibrant self & helping the planet can go hand in hand.
True, radiant health is not just about what you eat – it’s a lifestyle.
Let’s let go of the guilt that comes along with taking care of ourselves.
Consider this your permission slip for self care.

<3 Liz


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How to get soft lips, naturally

Dry, cracked lips driving you crazy? Soften, soothe and protect with these 6 tips:

how to get soft and smooth lips, naturally  #natural #lipcare #tips by The Lotus Root

1. Exfoliate:  Give your lips a little help by sloughing off dried, dead skin cells and exposing the soft, new skin underneath.

This will make your lip balm more effective. You can do this using a toothbrush, a gentle washcloth – or, try this d.i.y sugar scrub:

Mix equal parts of coconut or olive oil, sugar + raw honey to form a paste. (Just a tiny bit of each will do). Gently rub onto lips in a circular motion, and then wipe off with a slightly damp cloth (resist the urge to lick it off! See tip 4) Pat dry with towel and immediately follow with your favorite lip balm.

2. Look for some of these ingredients in your lip balm:

  •  Natural oils like coconut, extra virgin olive, jojoba, avocado, argan, castor, or sweet almond (or Shea, mango, kokum or cocoa butters) to soften, soothe, nourish and prevent moisture loss
  • Beeswax, candelilla or carnauba wax – to seal in moisture and protect from the elements
  • Herbs like Calendula, Comfrey (which soothe & soften dry + irritated skin, promote skin cell regeneration, and have anti-inflammatory properties.) or Plantain.

I use jojoba oil infused with real, organic vanilla beans, coconut oil infused with calendula & plantain leaf, and beeswax in my Crystalline lip balm.

Prefer a hint of color on your lips? Check out my Red Ruby naturally tinted balm

3. Avoid these ingredients: Mints, camphor, phenol, menthol, eucalyptus, salicylic acid or cinnamon – they may make your lips tingle (and make you feel like they’re working!) – they’re really just irritating your skin. They may cause your lips to peel and dry out so that you need even more balm. Cracked lips may be a sign of an allergic reaction to a lip balm ingredient. Watch out for alcohol, artificial colors and fragrances.  Mint, fluoride, guaiazulene and sodium lauryl sulfate in toothpaste can also be the culprit.

Other ingredients that may be harmful:  mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin (all made from  petroleum), Phthalates and Parabans. Look for products that are made with 100% pure essential oils versus “fragrance”. Also look out for Canola oil, which is GMO if it isn’t organic.

When in doubt – enter the ingredient into the Environmental Working Groups SKINDEEP database.

4.  Don’t lick your lips: The digestive enzymes in your saliva that break down food are extremely drying to your lips. Break the habit – reach for a lip balm instead.

5.  Nourish Yourself: Your dry lips could be a sign of vitamin deficiency – Make sure to get enough B Vitamins. Lack of niacin (vitamin B3), riboflavin (vitamin B2), Folic acid and B6 can all lead to dry lips.

6. Hydrate:  Be sure to drink enough water, reduce things that dehydrate such as smoking & too much caffeine, and consider a humidifier if your skin is especially dry.

Bonus Tip: Oil pulling with coconut oil or sesame oil always keeps my lips nice and soft as well. Let me know if you’d like me to do a post on oil pulling sometime in the future.


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