What are flower essences?

 Flower essences  (also known as flower remedies) are gentle yet powerful botanical infusions, which enhance our mental, emotional & spiritual well-being. They’re normally created by floating flowers (at the height of their bloom) in a glass bowl filled with spring water for several hours in the sun.
This allows the sunlight to imprint the water with the flower’s unique vibration, or energetic pattern. Each flower resonates with a specific emotion, and the essences act as catalysts to help balance emotional and behavioral patterns in humans & animals.
As one of my teachers, Loey Colebeck, would put it, flower essences are the lifeforce, or chi, of a plant, recorded in water.
Unlike essential oils, they’re unscented, and are generally taken internally, but can also be applied to the body topically or added to a bath.
Flower essences are safe and a wonderful compliment to therapy, or any other healing modality one may be taking part in. While immediate relief can be experienced, flower essences are most beneficial when taken consistently over a longer period of time. Shifts are often subtle yet profound.
As a flower essence practitioner, I work as a bridge between flowers and people (or their pets), pinpointing the essence(s) that will be most helpful based on the information provided.
 I create personalized flower essence formulas with the intention of helping my clients shift emotions and/or reach their goals.
I’ve decided to extend my current deal for the rest of the year as I work towards incorporating other services into my offerings.
I’m also happy to continue to work on a sliding scale. If this is a need for you, please feel free to reach out so we can discuss what would work best for you at this time.
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